Mountain biking bike parts, pedals. Off-road cycling foots contact where the feet push the crank. In clipless, cleats and straps.
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#15) Pedals - The foots contact and power source of your bike.
  Pedals have come full circle They started out as a plain flat area for you feet to push the crank. Soon straps came along to help get more power by being able to push up and forward, as well as just down. Then cleats, then multiple styles of what is known as clipless pedals came along. Like a ski binding, the cleat is specially bolted onto the shoe that snaps into the pedal. With the more stunt orientated Jump and Shore bikes, now so popular, the old flat pedal has become standard again, affectionately known as "Flats".  They are just easier to get un-attached to, if the jump you're about to land wasn't going so well and you are about to bail.

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