Mountain biking bike parts, cycling tires. An off-road tutorial with tread patterns and outside diameter measurements for riding styles.
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#8) Bike Tires - Contact for your bike to the ground.
  Skinny bald tires are hands down the fastest tires to cut wind and provide very low ground resistance, if you are on the road. If you are off-road, they will slip out from under you and pound your body like a jack hammer over roots and bumps. So, pick the right tires for your riding style. They come in outside diameter measurements from twelve to twenty-seven inches, and with standard widths between 7/8 to 3". Tread patterns are limitless for the different riding styles and they even come with carbide tipped studs for riding on ice. Most tires have a specific direction to be installed, and if you are not sure which way they should go, try looking for a "V" pattern. The point of the V should be forward, if you are looking down at the tread.

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