Mountain biking bicycle parts with bike frames in titanium, scandium, carbon fiber, plastic, steel, aluminum for downhill, cross country and BMX.
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#1) Frames - The heart and character of your bike.
  Frames are made of almost every material out there; titanium, scandium, carbon fiber, plastic, steel, aluminum and even bamboo. There are countless styles of bicycle frames available from ice cream carts to bombproof downhill "sleds" with the frames geometry specific to its intended use. For example: Cross Country racing bike frames are made with steeper angles, for quicker control and balance on level ground where a DH frame would use slacker angles like 69ish degree head tubes, for a better advantage on sloping terrain.
  They vary in weight drastically because of their intended use. A road racing frame could weigh as little as 3 lbs where a Jump BMX frame alone could weigh 25Lbs.
  The diamond shaped frame has been around since the late 1800's and has proved to be the the best design even though frame builders continuously experiment with other styles, that usually fail. Lately Full Suspension frames have opened a brand new avenue for frame builders. With long travel suspension forks and frame shocks now available, bicycle frames are being "tweaked" to fit them.

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